Bronchial Asthma – Information on Bronchial Asthma

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Bronchial asthma is caused from the afflictions of the stomach and the gastro-intestinal tract. That is why in the preliminary stage of the disease or just before its onset, the patient complains of indigestion, constipation, or diarrhoea. The attack of asthma may come without warning because of the hypersensitivity of the patient to certain substances like pollen, dust, emanations from certain animals like dogs and cats, certain foods to which the person is allergic and, of course, certain bacteria.

Most people with asthma have wheezing attacks separated by symptom-free periods. Some patients have long-term shortness of breath with episodes of increased shortness of breath. Still, in others, a cough may be the main symptom. Asthma attacks can last minutes to days and can become dangerous if the airflow becomes severely restricted.. Asthma symptoms can also be triggered by respiratory infections, exercise, cold air, tobacco smoke and other pollutants, stress, food, or drug allergies. Aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDS) provoke asthma in some patients.

Asthma is a disease of the airways of the lungs which is characterized by increased sensitivity of the airways to a variety of triggers. It is generally an episodic disease, i.e., acute attacks followed by symptom free periods. Though most attacks are generally short lived, sometimes serious conditions occur in which severe Asthma is unrelieved for many hours or even days, like in status asthmatics.

Most people with asthma have wheezing attacks separated by symptom-free periods. Some patients have long-term shortness of breath with episodes of increased shortness of breath. Still, in others, a cough may be the main symptom. Asthma attacks can last minutes to days and can become dangerous if the airflow becomes severely restricted.

Allergies are strongly linked to bronchial asthma and to other respiratory diseases such as chronic sinusitis, middle ear infections, and nasal polyps. Most interestingly, a recent analysis of people with asthma showed that those who had both allergies and asthma were much more likely to have nighttime awakening due to asthma, miss work because of asthma, and require more powerful medications to control their symptoms.

Acupuncture doesn\'t deal with asthma as an allergic manifestation. Rather, it deals with it as a disease. Thus, asthma is curable under acupuncture. It is said allergens also aggravate the problem. So asthma is caused by exogenous factors, an improper diet, and emotional injury or overstrains which strain the interior phlegm, causing it to rise and obstruct the bronchi.

Bronchial asthma is a disease of the lungs in which an obstructive ventilation disturbance of the respiratory passages evokes a feeling of shortness of breath. The cause is a sharply elevated resistance to airflow in the airways. Despite its most strenuous efforts, the respiratory musculature is unable to provide sufficient gas exchange. The result is a characteristic asthma attacks, with spasms of the bronchial musculature, edematous swelling of the bronchial wall and increased mucus secretion. In the initial stage, the patient can be totally symptom-free for long periods of time in the intervals between the attacks.

Bronchial asthma originates from affliction of the stomach and the gastro intestinal track. So before the onset of the disease patient complaint of indigestion, constipation on diarrhoea.The attack of asthma can be sudden due to sensitivity of the patient to certain substances like pollen, dust, perfume and certain allergic foods. Asthma causes difficulty in breathing, sense of tightness, constriction around the chest, whistling sound while breathing and difficulty in inspiration and expiration.
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What Are Bronchial Asthma Symptoms And How To Breathe Correctly?

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As the world moves advance and globalizes, with more than 15 million people suffering from asthma, this sickness can be a very serious and debilitating affliction. Asthma has a variety of different causes, one of them being bronchitis.

Bronchial asthma symptoms affects numerous men and women every day and, if you are one of them, there is hope for a remedy. Because the asthma is triggered by the bronchitis it makes finding a treatment for it greatly easier.

How you in any case noticed it?
Did you ever saw anyone that have difficulty breathing, then you understand that it is no fun. As a passer-by, you can feel very helpless to whether to aid them or not.

Perhaps the closest you possess ever move to having difficulty breathing is when you possess experienced a plugged up nose from a chill. Bronchial asthma symptoms is a similar feeling, but not caused from the same item. Unpleasantly, asthma is a uncommonly ordinary problem and it can attack both adolescent and old.

These symptoms will be very much the same no material what the age, and it can be a very frightening experience when you can\'t get sufficient oxygen in the airways to breathe normally.

Are there any aid about?
Bronchial asthma is quite ordinary and is peak common in family. More than half of men and women who suffer from asthma will possess experienced an attack by the age of ten.

Facts show that about one out of every twenty adults have asthma and about one out of every ten children possess asthma. Those are pretty high chances for children. Bronchial asthma symptoms can be caused from a number of things, but in numerous cases it is congenital. Someone in the family previously has suffered from eczema or asthma and it just seems to get passed down through the genes in the household.

What is really asthma?
You might not comprehend what asthma is. Bronchial asthma is really an attack on the bronchial tree. The muscles become infected in the airways and cause a restriction for the oxygen to be qualified to get through.

Most bronchial asthma symptoms are wheezing, shortness or breath, tightening of the chest, and coughing. There are medications that can be taken to assist clear the airways such as inhalers, and nebulizing machines second-hand with medication to breathe over. Both of these can gaping up the airways. You may possess to watch your diet as allergies to foods can also cause various of these bronchial asthma symptoms.

What is the source of it?
Bronchial asthma can be caused by various things and numerous that there is no origin for. It just happens. One of the primary symptoms that lead to bronchial asthma is allergies.

Many things can cause allergies such as dust, dust mites, pollen and tobacco smog. The use of an air cleaner can be productive for someone who suffers from allergies. There are other goods such as exercise, respiratory infections, and cold air, that can trigger a bronchial asthma attack as well.

Many people die each year from asthma, so bronchial asthma is not anything to take lightly. It can be extremely serious. Over time, the lungs can weaken and make breathing hard, even when you aren\'t having a bronchial asthma fight.

Even though you may now understand what are the bronchial asthma symptoms, however, by all these information available will be of no use if is not taken. Having the information is not power, weight the information is true power to free of yourself the torture of having asthma again. You should never add to, or vary any component of your ongoing asthma treatment without first consulting your doctor.

Yet, many asthmatics now and again tend to forget that even though there may be adequate knowledge to ease their bronchitis asthma, they have to be be conscious and aware that in order to possess an asthma-free lifestyle, a suitable and yet effective asthma recovery system is necessary. Even without a proper asthma management set, there will not be much asthma free lifestyle to dream for.

Applying the information of knowing what are the fundamental standard factors together alongside an effective system - enjoy your life once again.
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Bronchial Asthma Treatment – Bronchial Asthma Attack Remedies

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Bronchial asthma is a kind of asthma condition where the lungs are having disturbances or obstructions in the ventilation of the air passages in the respiratory system. Once these disturbances and obstructions occur, the lungs will evoke a feeling of shortness of breath.

This occurrence may even lead to paroxysms that tighten the air passages of the bronchial system. When these happen, serious bronchial asthma treatment is recommended.

Bronchial asthma may have several causes. One of the main causes of it is the raising of resistance level to the air flow of the bronchial passages. As it happens, the muscles of the passages won\'t be able to support the activities of gas exchanging and breathing in the respiratory system though the muscles are working harder.

When a bronchial asthma attack occurs, spasms of the bronchial muscles usually happen. As it happens, there would be an increase in the secretion of mucus and swelling of the bronchial walls. These occurrences should be given with the proper bronchial asthma treatment.

Bronchial asthma treatment now has new treatment protocols that recommend the prevention of asthma medications, such as inhaling corticosteroids or nebulizers. This medication usually helps an asthmatic person to suppress the inflammation of the lungs as well as reduce the swelling of the linings in the airway passages.

Another recommended bronchial asthma treatment is alternative therapies. A recent study shows that almost half of the population of asthmatic persons now uses the form of unconventional therapy for their bronchial asthma treatment.

Apparently, there are specific bronchial asthma treatments that may always depend on the severity of the asthma condition present on the person. The frequency of the asthma signs and symptoms are always considered.

Generally, the bronchial asthma treatments are classified as preventers, relievers, and emergency treatment. With these, bronchial asthma treatment can have different forms that can be recommended to patients considering how often the attacks occur.
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Protect your Heart in Muscle Dystrophy

Author: Ayush Muscular Dystrphy Society
Heart related complications in muscular dystrophies are serious concern. The cardiomyopathy and cardiac arrhythmias are caused by defects in cardiomyocyte and cardiac conduction system function. Unlike the skeletal muscle degenerative process, for which treatment options are currently limited, therapy is available for the cardiovascular complications. New therapies for muscle degeneration are moving into clinical trials and are expected to also improve the cardiac function, longevity and wellbeing of muscular dystrophy patients.

The muscular dystrophies are muscle destroying disorders. There are at least 21 different monogenic causes of muscular dystrophy, and cardiovascular complications are commonly associated with some subtypes.[1] Currently there is no established cure but data available to support various anti-oxidants and ayurvedic herbs such as Curcuma longa and Terminalia arjuna, based approaches to management of cardio myopathy. Cardiomyopathy in the muscular dystrophies can develop to heart failure.

There are several subtypes of muscular dystrophies, which are categorized based on genetics and molecular pathogenesis:-
(1) The Dystrophin Glycoprotein Complex: Being important for membrane stability, it plays a particularly important part in the muscular dystrophies, because mutations in the genes that encode its constituent proteins result in a distinct group of progressive degenerative muscle disorders. [2,3] Mutations in the genes encoding dystrophin or the SARCOGLYCAN proteins cause myofibers and cardio myocytes to be abnormally susceptible to contraction-induced damage.[4—6] The loss of the dystrophin protein, as occurs in most forms of Duchenne muscular dystrophy, is associated with destabilization of all the dystrophin-associated proteins, including the sarcoglycans. [7] Membrane instability in cardiomyocyte and skeletal myofibers is associated with leakage of muscle-specific enzymes into the serum. Creatine kinase levels are substantially raised in these patients, and both the MM and MB isoforms are detected. Elevation of the MB isoform often indicates cardiomyocyte degeneration.
(2) Telethonin, Titin and Myotilin: Mutations in these genes lead to rare forms of muscular dystrophy.[9—13] Telethonin is thought to be important for passive stretch in cardiomyocytes.
(3) Nuclear Membrane Proteins: The LMNA gene encodes the inner nuclear membrane proteins lamin A & C. They regulate a number of nuclear processes, including DNA replication, transcription, chromatin attachments and nuclear transport.[14]
(4) Additional Membrane-Associated Proteins: Dysferlin is a transmembrane protein that binds phospholipids in a calcium dependent manner and is highly expressed in skeletal and cardiac muscle.[15—18] Mutations in DYSF result in abnormal muscle membrane repair.

New experimental therapies for muscular dystrophies are now emerging. Gene replacement therapy, Ayurvedic Rasayana based therapies are also being explored for the regeneration of muscles. The cardiac problems associated with some forms of muscular dystrophy sometimes need treatment. Terminalia Arjuna has remarkable cardio protective, heart muscle strengthening properties. Current scientific research has proved that plant contains specific medically active constituents namely triterpine glycosides like arjunetosides I, II, III, IV, arjunine and arjunetein, phytosterols, rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper. Regular use of Arjuna improves pumping activity of heart, improves cardiac muscle strength, decrease in LDL cholesterol levels. It has been reported to possess protective cardiovascular and hypolipidemic properties.[19-20] Finally, growth-factor-based gene therapy is emerging as a successful approach for stimulating muscle growth.
Cardiac arrhythmias can be life threatening, and muscular dystrophy patients should be monitored closely for signs and symptoms of cardiac arrhythmia events. As with all cardiomyopathy patients, treatment aimed at arrhythmia prevention should be sought. And from this point of view, ayurvedic therapies and remedies are good options. Mamsagmi Rasayana is a promising molecule being scientifically verified. Get more assess at

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The Ayush Muscular Dystrophy Society has been active in the field of authentic Ayurvedic supportive treatment and rehabilitation since 1995. A number of families of afflicted children are registered with AMD society, which is involved in helping families with information about all aspects of NMD including Ayurvedic and other complementary medical support, physiotherapy, diet, monitoring the breathing, and updates about what is new in the form treatments that may be in the pipeline.

Ayurveda can help Cure Cancer Patients!

Author: Dr Mukesh D Jain
CANCER has always been with us. All living organisms are susceptible to cancer, and the more complex the organism, higher the risk of cancer. A great many pressures (due to life forces, environmental forces) on the cells push them toward malignant neoplasm transformation. Our cells turn malignant constantly, and normally our immunity (Jeevan Shakti: Life forces) eliminates them. It is imperative to maintain our immunity in good working order and to know how to reduce cancer risks.

There are certain ayurvedic herbs used by the tribal people of Chhattisgarh for an easy and natural defense against cancer growth. It is really a matter of research. In Ramayana, few crude drugs (viz. Sanjivani, Sandhani, Sawarndkarani, Vishalyakarni) , are said to be the most effective plants for curing the human diseases in various ways. The herbal State Chhattisgarh is filled with nature’s wonderful gift often called natural tribal resources. These are what make human life possible on the tribal planet. It is the mystery and wonder of nature that even cancer patient sustains life here.

The Ayurvedic words for abnormal Cancer like growths were based on type and location, and were assigned names in a similar fashion. Granthi, Arbuda, Gulma, Asthila, Balmika, Shaluka are some of the words which were used. The Ayurvedic words ‘Tridosaja’/ ‘Sannipataja’ abnormal growth is used to indicate the malignant stage of the neoplasm; the word ‘Vataja’ or ‘Pittaja’ or ‘Kaphaja’ or a combination of any two of them (e.g. Vata-Pittaja or Vata-Kaphaja or Pitta-Kaphaja) is used to signify a benign neoplasm. Ayurveda explains that a malignant abnormal growth, or Tridosaja neoplasm, is one in which all the three major bodily control systems—Vata, Pitta and Kapha—which should have mutual coordination for normal functioning of the body, are out of control.

At the time of Atreya and Dhanwantari (7th century BC), surgery was considered the best method of treatment. They found that the herbal medical treatments against cancer, either in the form of Granthi or Arbuda, were beneficial only in the beginning stage. Nonetheless, they recorded a group of successful treatments for use against Gulma and neoplasm of individual organs. Vagabhata (8th. century AD), a well-known Buddhist physician, have introduced some new understandings and a new medical approach to the treatment of cancer. The Siddhas (7th. to 13th. century AD) made powerful contributions to the field of medicine. Especially the science which became incorrectly known as “Alchemy,” but which was actually medicine making based upon their theories of the pharmacology of toxic materials, is the contribution which brought about a revolutionary change in the medical history of Ayurveda. As a consequence of their contributions, cancer was considered no longer incurable, if it was treated in the early stages.

The Chakradatta composed by Chakrapani (10th. century AD), the Sarangadhara Samhita by Sarangadhara (14th. century AD), the Bhavaprakasha Samhita by Bhavamisra (15th. century AD), the Satmya Darpan Samhita by Viswanath (16th. century AD), the Vaisajya Ratnavali by B. Sen Gupta (18th. century AD), the Rasatarangini by Sadananda Sharma (19th. century AD) etc. are the Ayurvedic texts of internal medicine. These texts contain numerous well tested remedies based on ‘alchemy’ for internal and external cancers. Certain poisonous plants, heavy metals (such as mercury and Arsenic), minerals, and animal products were found very useful in cancers when they were prepared by the process of alchemy, using various methods to alter the strong poisons and render them harmless. Their extensive research in this field focused on the idea of ‘Rasayana,’ or immunotherapy, the term that focused on longevity. With the intention of promoting long life and good health, the doctors studying Rasayana therapies concentrated on the unique nature of certain plants and minerals which stimulated the body tissues to create extraordinary immunity against many forms of disease. Working in this field, ancient alchemists were proud to introduce some effective remedies for external and internal cancers.”

Here is a modified anti-cancer formula. It was introduced by Vagabhata in the 13th century, in the 24th chapter of his book Rasayana Samucchaya. Purified mercury is processed with tanduliyam juice (Amaranthus polyganus), Punarnava root (Boerhavia diffusa), Naga Bala (a variety of Sida cordifolia), aloe Vera, Bala (Sida cordifolia), and cow urine. This processed mercury is further potentates with Tinospora cordifolia and Semicarpus anacordium (Bhallataka). This powerful mercury is further be fortified with addition of Kanchanara Guggul. One such preparation is Amrita Guggul. The preparation should be used along with Panch Gavya Ghrita and Maker-Sanjivani.

Potential risk of Ayurvedic Treatment?
Some Panch Karma procedures of Ayurveda, such as Rakta Mokshana (blood-letting), and Vamana (induced vomiting), have not been shown to have any benefit and can lead to serious medical complications. Unsupervised Langhana (Fasting) and Virechana (purging) can speed up degenerative processes in cancer patients. There is very little known about Ayurvedic herbal medicines. The Ayurvedic treatment for Cancer should be done under expert supervision of at least additional fully qualified ayurvedic doctor. Get scientific assess about ayurvedic treatment at

1. Cancer as a Special Case. In Fight & Win the Ailments of Modern Era with Ayurvedic Treatment. The Ayush Samiti, Bhilai 2008 India
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Hon. President of AYUSH Academy of Ayurvedic Medical Sciences & Fellow of French Association of Medical Yoga. Double graduated in Basic Sciences, Ayurveda with Modern Medicine and Surgery both from Sagar & Ravi Shanker Universities. A teacher, researcher, an author of two scientific books on Ayurveda & Yoga; On editorial board of several journals including Global Ayurveda & Light on Ayurveda Journal. Currently head of Panch Karma Clinic on Neuro-Muscular Diseases in Bhilai. Profile:

New Promise to Muscular dystrophy Treatment.!

Author: Rajesh Verma MD
Muscular dystrophy is an incurable disease of childhood. Muscle wasting and loss of walking lead to wheelchair dependence and eventually death. No treatment is at present known in any system of medicine which has any definite influence upon muscular dystrophy. The absence of specific treatment for muscular dystrophy makes it all the more important to consider complementary and alternative approaches of treatment. In India, the Dystrophy boys always seek Ayurvedic help in the hope for some relief. The Ayurvedic treatment involving Mamsagni Rasayana, a gold based medicine, yogic support and specific Panch karma procedures have shown definite protective influence and longer survival upon muscular dystrophy.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a progressive weakening and degeneration of the muscles, caused by a mutation in a gene coding for a protein called dystrophin. This protein is absent in the muscles of people affected with the disorder. The victims of Muscular dystrophy are confined to a wheelchair by their early teens. The disease progressively weakens all muscles, notably respiratory muscles, compromising life expectancy. Most sufferers die between the ages of 20 and 30. Today, there is no definite cure only rehabilitation, surgical procedures, and prednisone, to enhance patients\' quality of life.

A small care through Clinical research study involving Bhastrika Pranayama, Pawanmuktasana along with Ayurvedic Panch Karma viz: TMP Swedana, Shat Bala Prasarni Anuvasana Vasti yielded mixed results in 46 boys with Duchenne Muscular dystrophy (DMD) said Mukesh Jain MD of Central Medical Institute, Bhilai. Analyses showed that between 40 and 60 of treated patients got better relief in terms of both reduced CPK level and increased functional ability. The results are published in the latest issue of the Journal of Yoga Vijyana of MDNIY, under Deptt. of Ayush, Ministry of Health, New Delhi. Dr. Jain\'s team is working on Muscular dystrophy since 1995 under care through research program on NMD.

There is currently no cure for muscular dystrophy though research continues to shed new light on this disabilitating condition. However, there are many ways to minimise the disability, distress and contractures which muscular dystrophy can bring. Complementary therapies can play an important role in its treatment and as such several patients do report encouraging results. Mamsagni Rasayana is a poly herbal ayurvedic formula developed by a team of high profile doctors led by Mukesh Jain MD at Central Medical Institute, Bhilai for care through ayurvedic research on NMD in 1995 and which have several Rasayana herbs that are traditionally used by ayurvedic specialists in the management of several types of Neuro-muscular weaknesses. This ayurvedic Rasayana did not aim to restore dystrophin protein but to improve physical abilities by empowering the progressive weakening and degeneration of the muscles.

Genetic materials (Genes) carry vital information which themselves are regulated by subtle vital energy of Prana. The depletion of Prana is manifested as dysregulation of Vata at muscle tissue levels. Combined program of Yogic Ayurvedic support (Panch Yoga) are useful in the long term management of Muscular dystrophy. There is however, need of controlled studies on a large scale with improved trial designs especially molecular, biological and histological assessment techniques said Dr Mukesh Jain. These clinical success can be augmented by combining Ayurvedic Rasayana molecules (Such as Mamsagni Rasayana) for lasting relief from disability associated with Muscular dystrophy.
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Program Director, Ayurveda Research and Development, BSP Health Centre Sector 7, Bhilai Steel Plant, Durg CG India

Prevent & Treat Muscle Dystrophy with Ayurveda

Author: Ayush Samiti India
Before 1950 very little was known about muscular dystrophy. Through modern scientific research that picture has changed dramatically. Since 1986, scientists have identified genes that, when sensitized to be damaged, can cause myotonic, Duchenne, Becker, limb-girdle, congenital and Emery-Dreifuss type of muscular dystrophies. Today approximate gene locations have been identified for several other forms of muscular dystrophy. Finding a gene defect for a disease means scientists have a window in to the disease.

The ayurvedic concept of Vata should be considered in the light of scientific understanding. The biological force of Vata can be regarded as genetic information inherited from parents, encoded over genes and stored deep in the unconscious mind that manifest in to psycho-Neuro-hormonal behavior of a person.
Muscular dystrophy is currently incurable genetic disease of childhood characterized by progressive wasting and degeneration of the muscles. There is walking difficulty, poor functional ability leading to disability, deformity and premature death. This horrific disease should be prevented and managed at any cost till the successful cure is established.

There are several key areas in the ayurvedic healthcare that could be scientifically scrutinized with due preventive importance. One such measure is “Sukra-shodhana and Rasayana treatment” during child and maternal care. Sukra-shodhana is prescribed in ancient ayurvedic texts using Vasti procedure of Panch Karma with Maha Kashyay ingredients. The therapeutic Kala-Vasti, using medicated Ksheer (milk), tailam (Oils) and ghee (purified butter) should be considered for scientific verification of the ayurvedic medicine.
The Kapalbhati Pranayama can be used as respiratory supportive measure to improve cellular bet-oxidation process and to protect cardio-myopathic complications. A small care through Clinical research study involving Bhastrika Pranayama, Pawan Muktasana along with Ayurvedic Panch Karma viz: TMP Swedana, Shat Bala Prasarni Anuvasana Vasti yielded mixed results in 46 boys with Duchenne Muscular dystrophy (DMD) said Mukesh Jain MD of Central Medical Institute, Bhilai. Analyses showed that between 40 and 60 of treated patients got better relief in terms of both reduced CPK level and increased functional ability. The results are published in the latest issue of the Journal of Yoga Vijyana of MDNIY, New Delhi. Dr. Jain\'s team is working on Muscular dystrophy since 1995 under care through research program on NMD.
The Ayurvedic rasayana herbs are well known for their effect to delay / slow or reverse the progressive muscular degeneration. Effective ayurvedic medicine is Mamsagni Rasayana which is under scientific verification. The standard dose is 500 mg twice daily with milk. Some of the ingredients of Mamsagni Rasayana have been scientifically verified for their possible protective influence in muscular dystrophy.
The Mamsagni Rasayana is supposed to boost protein synthesis at muscle tissue level. It balances the Vata derangement due to auto-toxins and thus retards the muscular degeneration. Since we have noticed improved functional ability along with a fall in serum Creatine kinase (CK) level it means there is check on further muscle destruction. Get more details at
Genetic materials (Genes) carry vital information which themselves are regulated by subtle vital energy of Prana. The depletion of Prana is manifested as deregulation of Vata at muscle tissue levels. Combined program of Yogic Ayurvedic support (Panch Yoga) are useful in the long term management of Muscular dystrophy. There is however, need of controlled studies on a large scale with improved trial designs especially molecular, biological and histological assessment techniques said Dr Mukesh Jain. This clinical success can be augmented by combining Ayurvedic Rasayana molecules (Such as Mamsagni Rasayana) for lasting relief from disability associated with Muscular dystrophy.
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About the Author
A Social & Educational Organigation registered \'not for profit organisation\', operational since 2004. The key objectives of Ayush Samiti are mainstreaming evidence based Ayurveda, Yoga and Natural medicine in the area of public health, creation of awareness, capacity building by way of training, developing cost effective medicine with natural resources and promoting research in traditional healing and well being. The Ayush Samiti works with different professional organizations, government departments, institutions and social organisations for the cause.

Fight Dysferlinopathy with Ayurvedic Mamsagni Rasayana

Author: Dr Mukesh D Jain
Dysferlinopathy should be suspected in muscular dystrophy patients with presentation in their late teens, especially if posterior distal lower limb involvement can be demonstrated early on. This may be asymptomatic, or manifest as early inability to stand on the toes. The clinical spectrum of dysferlinopathy encompasses different modes of presentation in terms of the pattern of muscle involvement. Shared features appear to be a tendency for the age at onset to be most commonly in the late teens or early twenties and an elevated creatine kinase concentration (often >100 times normal in the early stages). gressive, but rarely rapidly so. Diagnosis is confirmed by protein analysis and mutation detection. The membrane stabilizing effect of Ayurvedic TMP procedure along with administration of Mamsagni and Sukumar Guggul Rasayana may be beneficial in the long term management of Dysferlinopathy.
No treatment is at present known in any system of medicine which has any definite influence upon muscular dystrophy. The absence of specific treatment for muscular dystrophy makes it all the more important to consider complementary and alternative approaches of treatment. In India, the Dystrophy patients always seek Ayurvedic help in the hope for some relief. The Ayurvedic treatment involving Rasayana group of herbo-mineral or gold based medicine, yogic support and specific Panch karma procedures have shown definite protective influence and longer survival upon muscular dystrophies. Both dystrophin and dysferlin are attached to the sarcolemma and deficiency of both proteins cause sarcolemmal defects; therefore, any membrane-stabilizing effect may be beneficial in the long term management of Limb girdle / Myoshi myopathy. Furthermore, there is marked inflammation in muscle biopsies of many Dysferlinopathy patients. Therefore, the anti-inflammatory effect of Sukumar Guggal Rasayana may improve muscle function in Limb girdle patients.

The AMDS India have started a care through research program of Ayurvedic Panch Karma & Yoga therapies on Neuro-Muscular Disease in 2001. Over 100 NMD patients from India and abroad were treated and monitored at Central Medical Institute Bhilai India during five year of follow up. So far, we have treated Duchenne type, Bucker type and Limb-Girdle type of patients with very promising results such as (i) weight loss (ii) Decrease in blood CK level (iii) Relief in Pain and Stress (iv) Decrease in walking difficulty (v) Further check on muscle wasting and contractures. These results suggest that there is check on further muscle destruction. The Complementary Ayurvedic Treatment: focuses on Tridoshic balancing and empowerment of mamsa dhatus (muscle fibers). The primary intention is on treating or delaying symptoms, enhancing physical mobility and preventing cardiac and respiratory complications. Get asses more information in the google link below:

Although in our short trial, no therapeutic breakthrough has been achieved and curative treatment modalities are not yet applicable, life expectancy and quality of life of dysferlinopathy patients could be remarkably improved by establishing a CAM therapy, capable of delaying the dystrophic process and improving muscle strength and function.
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Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) rasayana - A rejuvenating Preparation

Author: Dr Savitha Suri
Amalaki or amla is known for its rejuvenating properties. This fruit is also known as Indian gooseberry. Here is a simple recipe to prepare amalaki rasayana based on ayurveda principles .Amalaki rasayana can be used with whole wheat bread, chapati or parotas. This recipe can be eaten with spoon followed by a glass of cold milk.

Fully Ripe amla or amalaki – 1 cup (take fully ripe amlas and wash it well with water. Wipe off the water content with a clean cloth. Cut these fruits into pieces and remove stalk and seed. The pulp thus obtained should measure 1 cup)
Water – 2 cups
Ghee – 2 tea spoon
Sugar – 1 cup
Honey – 2 tea spoon
Spices: Dry ginger, jeera (cumin seeds), pepper, cinnamon, and cardamom powder – ¼ tea spoon each and pound it well to get a tea spoon full of powdered spicy mixture. (These are called prakshepaka dravyas in ayurveda. These enhance the fragrance of preparation and make it more palatable. The spices increase the appetite and digestion. They also help the herbal ingredients to reach the tissues.

Boil amalaki pulp with water, in medium flame till water reduces to 1 cup. Remove the soft pulp with a strainer and allow the pulp to cool. Do not throw the boiled water. When the pulp gets cooled grind it in a clean blender. Place the ground pulp on a clean cloth and squeeze the juice to the boiled water. Add sugar to this water and boil well till it forms sugar syrup.  (One thread sugar syrup). Mean while fry the squeezed pulp in ghee and when the pulp starts leaving the ghee add one tea spoonful of spice mixture. Transfer this to boiling syrup and mix well. Remove this from heat and allow it to cool down. Add honey when it gets completely cooled.

Medicinal properties of ingredients:  
Amalaki or amla has immense medicinal properties. It rejuvenates skin, liver, body and balances all three doshas. It reduces burning sensation of eyes and helps in hair growth. Emblica officinalis rejuvenates male reproductive system and helps to increase sperm count and sperm motility. It also soothes the inner layers of digestive system and urinary bladder. Regular consumption of this herb helps to boost body immunity.

Ghee increases memory power, clarity of voice and boosts body energy. It rejuvenates skin and enhances glow of skin. This ingredient also helps to increase quality and quantity of semen.

Honey has immense medicinal properties. It boosts body immunity and accelerates wound healing. It energizes and rejuvenates body. This sweet ingredient helps to reduce obesity and blood cholesterol. When applied with face packs dark pigments, acne, pimples, scars and marks get reduced.

Precaution: Do not add honey when the preparation is hot.
This rasayana instantly energizes body. This preparation is a very good rejuvenator and helps in body building. It improves appetite and increases digestion. As this rasayana contains amalaki it boosts memory power and immunity. Men suffering from infertility are benefited by this preparation.
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This article is copy righted. The author Dr.SavithaSuri is an Ayurvedic Physician and web master of Ayurveda help through ayurveda remedies .Read more about Amalaki Rasayana at Amamalaki (Embelica Officinalis) Rasayana

Inducting Rasayana Therapy in Our Daily Routine

Author: Dr.Krishna.R.S
Ayurveda , the oldest health science  has eight branches. Rasayana (rejuvenation) is one of them. Rasa has different meanings like 'juice', 'taste ', 'essence,' 'flavor', or 'emotion', but is not limited to any of these in itself. In therapeutic process Rasa is concerned with the conservation, transformation, and revitalization of energy. Rasa nourishes our body, boosts immunity and helps to keep the body and mind in best of health.

The Aim Of Rsayana :
The Rasayana therapy enhances the qualities of rasa, enriches it with nutrients. With such enriched   excellent Rasa, one attains longevity, memory, intelligence, freedom from disorder, youthfulness, excellence of luster, complexion & voice, optimum development of physique and sense organs, mastery over phonetics, respectability and brilliance.

Types of Rasayana:

1. Types of rasayana preparations which can be consumed according to the needs.

A . Kamya Rasayanas : Kamya rasayanas are promoters of normal health. These boost body energy levels, immunity and general health.

•    Pranakamya – Promoter  of vitality and longevity

•    Medhakamya – Promoter of intelligence.

•    Srikamya -   – Promoter of complexion.

B .Naimittika Rasayana- : Naimittika rasayanas help to fight a specific disease.

2. Types of Rasayanas on the basis of place of Therapy

A.    Kuti  Praveshika Rasayana – Indoor rasayanaTherapy .

B.    Vatatapika Rasayana –          Out door rasayana  Therapy.

3. Types of Rasayanas On the basis diet and life styles.

A.    .Aushdha  Rasayana – Drug based Rasayana.

B.    Ahara Rasayana – Dietary Rasayana.

C.    Achara Rasayana – Life style Rasayana.

Preparation for Rasayana therapy :

It is very essential for a person who wishes to undergo rasayana therapy to undergo samshodhana (detoxification) as a preparatory procedure. The samshodhana process detoxifies both body and mind. A detoxified body and mind is a like a clean cloth which readily absorbs the color in which it has been dipped unlike a soiled cloth which looks soiled even after coloring with best colors.

But when a person is not eligible for samshodhana or is not able to get samshodhana then he can also consume rasayana preparations which still boost the qualities of rasa in his body.

Effect of rasayana therapy.

Rasayana therapy  enriches nutritional quality of Rasa, enhances digestion and metabolism by normalizing agni or body fire, and promoting the competence of  channels
Benefits of rasayana :  The main purpose of Rasayana   therapy is to retard the aging process and to delay the degenerative process in the body
  • It enhances the intelligence, memory, body strength, luster of the skin, and modulation of voice
  • It nourishes the blood, lymph, muscles, tissues, semen, and thus prevents Chronic degenerative disorders like Arthritis.
  • Improves metabolic process and quality of body tissues and eradicates diseases of old age.
  • Helps to attain optimal physical strength  and sharpness of sense organs.
  • Rasayana has marked action on reproductive organs and also nourishes shukra dhatu (semen)
  • Rasayana nourishes the whole body and improves Immune system and hence the natural resistance to infection will be more.
By following Achara Rasayana  one can be more Satwik  and surge ahead in the spiritual field by his pure daily routines like speaking truth ,not getting angry, by having control over his sense organs and calmness,.

Natural foods which act as Rasayanas

Haritaki: Terminalia Chebula
It is called as Haritaki because it cures all the diseases.It has been alternatively named as  Abhaya with appreciation on its action since it bestows permanent long life to those who use it always. It is also known as Vijaya since it is  a conqueror of all the diseases.  A fresh round and heavy fruits of haritaki are always best. It should sink in water and also devoid of any diseases.Such fruits are rich in taste and potency. The fruit should be slit into two or three pieces and seed is removed .Such fruit pieces are cooked with four parts of water till they soften. Then they should be removed and allowed to cool. One part of ghee and one part of  honey is added to this and kept aside for three days. It should be consumed later  taking care of digestion power. After this rasayana is digested  shstika sahli rice with cow\'s milk is consumed. By using this rasayna one will be free from wrinkles, baldness and premature greying of hair. This gives  very good memory power, eye sight and a long healthy life..

Ghee ( Clarified butter):
Gheeis the  best known Rasayana which is  very good rejuvenator and Longevity promoter. It also improves digestion, has soothening effects on the nervous system, Iimproves the glow of skin, enhances memory power, helps to retain the grasped matters and increases ojus. Ghee has a very good rate of absorption and it is a very good medium for transporting the nutrients of the food to the tissue So make sure that you use a spoon of to your daily food which is very easily and readily available to one and all. (This is not applicable to people who have high blood cholesterol).

These are the very rich source of Vitamin C and are known for there unique action like improving the resistance to cold, controlling the bleeding of gums, healing wounds and formation of scar tissue. The lemon acts as purifier and nourishing agent. Squeeze half lime in a glass of luke warm water and add two tea spoons of honey to it. This helps to reduce weight when consumed in empty stomach at early hours of day.

Ginger improves digestion, removes ama (body toxin which causes diseases). Hence it is accepted world wide as medicine. Always use dry ground ginger which is more concentrated in its effects and flavor.  Sprinkle little dry ginger powder on a spoon of lemon juice and add little salt. This should be consumed forty-five minutes before meals to have a very good appetite and digestion.

Cumin Seeds:
Cumin seeds helps in digestion, digests and expels ama and balances doshas. To expel body toxins start the day with drinking Luke warm water with powdered cumin and ginger.

Green Gram :
Green gram is very light to digest and  are best for people who have digestion problems. They are among the best legumes for there supreme digestibility and health giving qualities. Those who prefer light food can opt for this food.

Dates and figs:
These are known excellent source of energy. They also help to build the body tissues and improve the hemoglobin  percentage . Hence eat two to three dates or figs a day.

These are nourishing and life –supporting . Eat five to six Almonds a day to build  energy and strength. It is proved that Almonds helps in reducing the blood Cholesterol levels.

Lassi :
It is beverage prepared by mixing two part of water and one part of yogurt. It can be made a sweet beverage by adding little sugar or honey and little ground cardamom. For people who do not like sweet taste it can be made as a delicious salt and sour beverage by adding roasted cumin seeds and little salt. It is an excellent nutritive, digestive beverage and can be  used during meals or taken as a desert after meal.

Seasonal Fruits:
Always use the juicy fresh fruits which are available in the season. They are of high nutritive value and are body purifiers also.

Along with all these food and medicinal Rasyana one should follow Achara Rasayna to have very good effects of rasayana.

Refs:.  Charaka  su sthana. Shu. Su .Sthana.  Astanga sangraha uttar stahna
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This article is copy righted. The author Dr.Krishna.R.S is an Ayurvedic Physician and web master of  Ayurveda Health Care for Men Contact him  .Read more at Ayurveda Rasayana

Rejuvenation Therapy with Drakshadi Rasayana

Author: Dr Savitha Suri
Rasayana therapy or Rejuvenation therapy helps to slow down ageing process, increases memory, boosts body immunity, and enhances complexion and youthfulness of skin. Sense organs and voice regain their sharpness. Rasayana therapy rejuvenates whole body and as well reproductive system thus making one to feel young and energetic in all aspects of life.

Consumption of herbal rasayana preparations is known as 'Aushadha rasayana'. One can reap the benefits of rasayana therapy by regularly consuming 'Aushadha rasayana'.  'Drakshadi Rasayana' is one such herbal rasayana preparation.

Drakshadi rasayana contains draksha (grapes or Vitis Vinifera) , amla or amalaki (Indian gooseberry or Emblica officinalis ), Honey, Ginger, Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra or madhuyashti), sugar , long pepper and ghee

Grapes: Grapes act as body coolant. They boosts memory power and act as a brain tonic. They help to relive constipation and promote digestion. These berries act as cardiac tonic and increase blood hemoglobin. Grapes are known to balance rakta (blood) and pitta. Hence they are very useful in gout and allergies. They strengthen the lungs and help in patients who are recuperating from tuberculosis, bronchitis and asthma. Grapes help in cystitis and burning micturition as they sooth the inner layers of bladder and act as diuretic. Fertility of men and women increases with the regular consumption of these berries. They strengthen the female reproductive system and increase the sperm count and sperm motility. Grapes play an important role in boosting immunity of skin and thus protecting it from various skin disorders.

Amalaki or amla (Indian gooseberry or Emblica officnalis): Amla or amalaki balances tridoshas. It strengthens hair follicles and rejuvenates skin on scalp. Regular consumption of this fruit boosts immunity of skin and prevents outbreak of acne and pimples. It reduces burning sensation of eyes, enhances memory, strengthens nervous system, normalizes digestion, reduces acidity, rejuvenates liver and relieves constipation. It acts as good cardiac tonic and helps to increase hemoglobin level in blood. Amla acts as an aphrodisiac and increases sperm count and sperm motility. It rejuvenates male reproductive system. This berry soothes burning sensation of urinary tract and very useful in cystitis and burning micturition.

Honey: This ingredient acts as an instant energizer, as sugars in honey are quickly absorbed by digestive system. Due to its hygroscopic properties it helps in quick healing of wounds and growth of healing tissue. It is very useful in bed wetting disorders. It rejuvenates damaged skin and acts as antioxidant. Honey boosts body immunity as it increases number of white blood cells. It is known as 'Yogavahi' as it penetrates the deeper tissues. Its addition in herbal preparations helps to enhance the medicinal properties of herbs and help these herbs to reach the deeper tissues.

Thus the medicinal properties of the above ingredients have made 'Drakshadi Rasayana' useful in many conditions like

Anemia: The precious ingredients like grapes, amla and honey help to nourish blood and help in anemia.

Indigestion: Drakshadi rasayana helps in promoting digestion and increasing appetite.

Acidity: Amla and grapes are known to reduce acidity. Thus drakshadi rasayana helps to reduce acidity and flatulence. It also help to reduce vomiting sensation and nausea.,

Asthma, Tuberculosis,Bronchitis and cough: Drakshadi rasayana boost immunity of lungs. It strengthens the lungs, boosts immunity and nourishes blood. All these facts together help patients who are recuperating from Asthma, Tuberculosis, Bronchitis and cough. It also prevents further damages due to repeated infection of  respiratory system.

It is very useful in pregnancy and acts as a fetal nourisher. It helps to prevent miscarriages and abortions. Drakshadi rasayana reduces acidity and vomiting.
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This article is copy righted. The author Dr.SavithaSuri is an Ayurvedic Physician and web master of Ayurveda help through ayurveda remedies. Read complete article at Rejuvenation Therapy with Drakshadi Rasayana

How to Avoid Skin Disease

Author: Naisarasri Sri
The mere mention of these words may breed dread or disgust as it is believed to be transferrable, and at the same time, they don\'t look really pretty. But it takes more than just an eyeshot to determine the seriousness of a skin disease, since most of these diseases may not be shown in the exact visible areas of the body.

Skin disease may not be fatal, but the many kind of diseases, their physical manifestations, and the unprecedented attack of it, is enough to make a person think uneasily about it. Most of the time, skin diseases are contracted from unhygienic practices, outside contacts or environmental factors. Hygiene plays an essential factor in the way we develop skin diseases as we contract dirt from our everyday activities. The more we fail to clean up our bodies and faces, the more that the dirt stays in our skin, causing it to produce certain reactions.

Outside contact that may irritate the skin can also cause certain skin diseases to ensue. For example, some people are simply allergic to nickel, causing rashes, inflammation and burning sensations to the skin. Nickel-containing objects such as nickel-based earrings, belt buckles and bracelets or watches may produce allergic reactions to the skin.

Examples of common skin diseases include acne, sunburn, warts, herpes, dermatitis, athlete\'s foot and boils. All of these are not actually serious skin diseases but may be experienced by us once in our lives. There are many more serious skin diseases such as skin cancer, psoriasis, ringworms, vitiligo, keratosis and others, but not all people may develop it as well.

Whether a skin disease is fatal or not, one must consider practicing measures to avoid it. As the old saying goes, 'prevention is better than cure.' Here are some tips to keep you skin-disease free:

- When out in the sun, use sunblock. As sunburns may be unsightly, they can also be painful and difficult to heal. Moreso, the effects of direct sunlight to the skin may not be merely short-termed such as sunburns, but may later develop to skin cancer if not treated with care. Sunblock uses certain chemicals to shield the direct sear of the sunlight to the skin, and therefore, it must be a practice to use sunblock for protection from the sun.

- When in public places, be careful who you share with. Swimming pools now prohibit those with wounds or skin infections to dip in the pool. Why? Because this is largely communicable. So it goes without saying that one must be careful with sharing things publicly. For example, towels, soaps or clothes that may be worn by someone who has a serious skin disease that may be viral or infectious must be separate from yours.

- Wash hands regularly. This is not just to prevent bacteria to enter the body orally. It also prevents bacteria that we get when in contact with people to be transferred to our skins. A clean hand will prevent the skin disease from being transferred to you.

- When there is an itching area, do not rub it. Rubbing can aggravate developing skin infections. What one may do is pat it lightly, or apply an ointment to soothe the itching. Frequent scratching of an itchy part may develop to inflammation or burning sensation, and eventually a skin disease.

Skin diseases may be well-prevented by conscientious efforts. And all of these tips can help you achieve that.
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Please visit Skin Diseases for more information about this topic.

Effective Sollutions For Treatment Of Skin Diseases

Author: Geffron Smith
Skin problems in Review
Skin problems are common to people of all ages. Do you suffer from rashes, itching, or fungal skin infection, skin bumps or skin tags are a good variety of skin diseases. If oily or dry skin, talk to your doctor about your skin condition and learn how best to clean, treat and protect your skin.

Skin Care, Identify skin problems and Treatment
Can you identify skin problems? For example, where red pimple or rash appears on the skin - but why? You have to know how to determine the source of skin problems, as long as you treat it.

Often we see our skin defects and shortcomings, different degrees of skin infections. If you are looking for infection, you can begin to identify problems, skin while you are planning a treatment regimen.

Common skin disorders :–
Good skin care practices may help maintain a strong, healthy and smooth  skin. Ultimately. Facial skin problems and other body parts can cause skin problems due to age, the effects of environmental elements, as well as many other factors. Some common skin defects of genetics, viruses, and other causes. Cosmetic dermatology has advanced training and knowledge required to effectively treat skin problems.

Age spots
Age spots are brown spots that look like as a person ages the skin or sun damage or genetics. Sometimes referred to as 'liver spots' patches more benign freckles, and usually occur on the face, neck, hands, feet or legs. Although they are not harmful, many people prefer to have them removed for cosmetic reasons. Cosmetic dermatologist can effectively prevent or reduce age spots on the skin appearance.

Moles are raised, round, usually dark brown spots on the skin, which may be congenital or develop over time. Most birthmarks are harmless, but some may develop skin cancer. Any mole that has irregular edges, uneven coloring, or more than a pencil eraser should be seen in dermatology. Most moles are not cancerous, but they can cause cosmetic skin problems, so many people choose their skin mole removed.

Scar skin area, which is different from the surrounding colors, or that the injury heals skin texture. While most scars fade over time, some species and those that are in significant areas can stay clear of life. Scar in cosmetic skin problems, not medical care, but their presence can be daunting. Scar treatment, cosmetic dermatologist can help significantly reduce the appearance of scars.

Skin texture
A variety of skin conditions and environmental factors may affect the skin feel rough, uneven, thin, wrinkled, dry, or scaly skin. Overall, the source of skin problems is the first step to find effective treatments. The dermatologist can examine the problem and provide effective treatment to improve skin texture and solve many skin diseases.

Herbal / Ayurvedic  treatment for skin diseases

Swami ramdev medicine Divya Kayakalp Vati is a unique product, Ayurvedic herb useful for all skin diseases treatment like acne,  eczema and psoriasis types. It is made from natural herbs and helps to treat all types of skin diseases. This product is effective in treating acne and acne scars and remove. This is a great product for skin diseases treatment, as is the blood-cleaning properties. It helps cleanse impurities from the blood, and it helps to treat all types of skin diseases.
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Welcome to the Information on medicinal herbs provides detailed information on Herbal Remedies and conditions. Divya Kayakapl Vati helps to clean your face of acne, pimples, dark spots and blemishes, without causing side effects. It is a natural product made from time tested Ayurvedic herbs that are useful in skin diseases treatment without any adverse effect on the skin or other organs of the body. Are you suffering from high blood pressure and must be aware of the related health problems. You should take Mukta Vati to get high blood pressure treatment in an herbal way without any side effects.

Skin Diseases and Home Remedies for Skin Disease

Author: steevaustin
Skin diseases are most common form of infections occurring in people of all ages. Skin disorders due to its ugliness and associated hardships are one of the hardest ailments to get accustomed to especially when it is located in a place that is difficult to conceal like the face, even with make up. Most of the skin infections treatments take long time to show their effects. The problem becomes more worrisome if the ailment does not respond to skin disorder treatments.

There are not many statistics to prove the exact frequency of skin diseases in this country, but general impression is 10-20 percent of patients seeking medical advice suffer from skin diseases. The skin conditions are prevailant across all parts of the world. Sun is one of the most prominent sources of skin cancer and related traumas.

Home Remedies for Skin Disease   

1.    Honey, olive oil, sandalwood and turmeric are some therapeutic natural home remedies for Skin Diseases, in particular the ones with symptoms of skin peeling and irritation.

2.    Applying hot or cold compresses can relieve the symptoms of such diseases.

3.    Another treatment for Skin Diseases resultant from infections is to apply a mixture of warm coconut oil and lime juice on the affected area.

4.    Applying a mixture of aloe vera oil, wheat germ oil, cod liver oil and lime juice on the affected area is one of the most effectual natural home remedies for Skin Diseases, especially the ones that reason itching.

5.    Prepare a paste by adding cinnamon powder and honey in equal proportions. Applying this paste on the exaggerated area serves as one of the simplest natural home remedies for Skin Diseases treatment.

6.    Applying a mixture of honey and not poisonous oatmeal is a tried and tested home remedy to prevent and cure Skin disease caused by dry skin.

7.    Applying a nutmeg paste is a highly beneficial natural remedy for curing Skin Diseases, particularly Eczema.

8.    Applying juice extracted from apricot leaves is a valuable natural home remedy used in the action of Skin Diseases (especially Scabies).

Neem is a very helpful product for acne. Neem paste is when applied on the acne helps in the treating the acne very early and also helps to prevent the formation of scars. It also helps in treating any kind of acne. It purifies your blood and clears your skin of any scars. It also helps to stop the formation of new acne. Regular application of neem paste on the face gives glow to your skin.

Neem helps to treat all kinds of skin infections such as eczema, psoriasis, allergies. Neem is also a very good herbal product for dandruff. Regular use of neem containing shampoos helps in treating the dandruff effectively. It helps in treating the itching of the skin. It helps in the growth of hair and makes your hair long and strong.

Neem is a natural Ayurvedic herb and helps in detoxifying your body. It helps to treat the infection of different organ system such as digestive, urinary, respiratory system etc. Due to the increased demand for natural products, different pharmaceutical companies are using Neem as their main ingredient in preparing the skin lotions, soap, creams etc.
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Read more on Skin Nutrients and Vitamin C Supplement from Blood Purifier

Skin Diseases Treatment

Author: Geffron Smith
Skin problems overview
Skin diseases are the most common infections affecting people of all ages. Skin disorders because of its ugly and a disaster is difficult to get used to especially if it is a place that is hard to hide facial ailments, even with. Do you suffer from rashes, itching, or fungal skin infection, skin bumps or skin tags are a good variety of skin diseases. If dry skin or oily , talk to your doctor about your skin condition and learn how best to clean and protect your skin. Most skin infections, for a long time to show their effects.

The problem becomes more serious if the disease does not respond to the treatment of skin disorders. There are not many statistics to show the exact frequency of skin diseases in this country, but the overall impression is 10-20 percent of patients seeking medical attention, suffering from skin diseases. Skin disease prevalent in all parts of the world. Sun is one of the main  sources of skin cancer.

Skin Diseases are significant barriers in society, because they are visible. Fortunately, however, the recent development of scars can be successfully removed the plastic programming, skin grafting and laser therapy.

Acne occurs most commonly on the face, chest, neck, back, shoulders and may range from mild to severe. It may take several months for many years, or come and go throughout life.
Mild acne usually causes only blackheads and whiteheads. Sometimes they can develop a skin pore pimple (pore) infection.

Causes of skin disease
Foods containing high fat, sugar and industrial processing batch, as well as smoking, stress and UV rays the skin very load. Dry skin can be genetic cause, or it can be done by food, and excessive exposure to sun or freezing death. Dry skin can be depressed thyroid function or the use of medicines, such as histamine blockers or diuretics. Eczema and rashes varieties often allergic reactions to metals, cosmetics, the sun, plants, food and other substances cause. Stress may initiate psoriasis. Any liver or kidney disease, characterized by the improper release of toxins can cause eczema or rash. Abnormal development of bruising may be, there are some important nutrients, nutrition, anemia, blood clotting disorders, or obesity. Mainly, it may be a sign of cancer. Improper fitting shoes can cause warts and calluses.

Home Remedies for Skin Diseases Treatment
1. Olive oil, Honey, sandalwood and turmeric have some therapeutic natural home remedies, skin diseases, especially with the peeling of the skin and irritation symptoms.

2. Prepare a paste, adding honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts. Excessive this paste, which serves as a simple natural home remedies for skin diseases.

3. Applying extracted juice from apricot leaves is a valuable natural home remedy used for skin diseases (especially scabies) activity.

4. Applying a mixture of honey and oats are not toxic to the tried and tested home remedy to prevent and treat skin diseases caused by dry skin.
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Information on medicinal herbs provides detailed information on Herbal Remedies and conditions. Nobody wants to wake up and look in the mirror to the acne pimples looking at his face. What can you do to prevent pimples? You can take herbal medicine package for acne treatment, natural remedies for acne pimples cure and natural cure for acne. It is a natural product made from time tested Ayurvedic herbs that are useful in skin diseases treatment.

Paralysis – Best Ayurvedic Treatments & Cure

Author: Dr Kranthi R Vardhan
CAUSES: Paralysis is most often caused by damage to the nervous system or brain, especially the spinal cord. Major causes are Stroke, Trauma, Poliomyelitis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Botulism, Spina Bifida, Multiple Sclerosis, and Guillain-Barré Syndrome etc.

Paralysis may be localized, or generalized, or it may follow a certain pattern. For example, localized paralysis occurs in Bell\'s palsy where one side of the face may be paralyzed due to inflammation of the facial nerve on that side. Patients with stroke may be weak throughout their body (Global Paralysis) or have Hemiplegia (weakness on one side of the body) or other patterns of paralysis depending on the area of damage in the brain. Other patterns of paralysis arise due to different lesions and their sequelae. For example, lower spinal cord damage from a severe back injury may result in Paraplegia, while an injury higher up on the spinal cord, such as a neck injury, can cause Quadriplegia. Patients with paraplegia or quadriplegia often use equipment such as a wheelchair or standing frame for mobility and to regain some independence.

SYMPTOMS: The Symptoms often accompany Paralysis from any cause include: Numbness and Tingling, pain, Changes in Vision, Difficulties with Speech, or Problems with Balance. Spinal cord Injury often causes Loss of Function in the Bladder, Bowel, and Sexual Organs. High Spinal cord Injuries may cause difficulties in Breathing.

According to Ayurveda, Paralysis is compared with PAKSHAGHATA. It has been discussed in Vata Vyadhi Prakaranam. It is known to be a complicated, as Pranayathana & Marma (Pressure Points) are involved. Vata involvement is a major factor for its complications. The Line of Treatment is as follows:
'Swedanam Sneha Samyuktham Pakshaghate Virechanam!!'

Swedanam (Suddation), Snehanam (Oleation) and Virecanam (Purgation) are the main modalities of treating Pakshaghata Patient. The other Panchakarma Procedures like Nasyam (Nasal Effusion), Vasthi Karma (Medicated Enema Procedures), Siro Vasthi, Kerala Procedures like: Elakizhi (Leaf Bundle Massage), Navarakizhi (Shali Shastika Pinda Swedam), Pizhichil (Sarvanga Dhara), Siro Dhara (Pouring of Oil on the Head) etc are done according to the patient\'s requirement and severity. Brumhana Chikitsa, Vata hara Chikitsa and Marma Chikitsa are indicated.

Researched Internal Medicines are usually prescribed along with Diet and Life style Modifications. A Vata pacifying diet and proper dietary habit are essential for long-term success. Additional Vata pacifying regimens including daily oil massage and Sensory Therapies complete the treatment.
Meditation, Yogic practices, Pranayama, The Breathing Exercises are to be done on a regular and daily basis to overcome the stress and the disease. One should follow Achara Rasayana (The Art of being the Best of Soul) like being Sathwik, following elders advise, keeping and controlling the hard feelings, controlling the mental urges etc.
We give the Best Treatments for 'PARALYSIS' with High Success Rates at Dr. Kranthi\'s Institute of Ayurvedic Sciences & Research, The Kerala Ayurvedic Care, Speciality Panchakarma Centre, 3-6-101/1, St no: 19, Basheerbagh, Hyd-29. Contact Dr Kranthi R Vardhan on 9246166636 for appointments, evaluation and Treatments. Visit us at or write to us at

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His holistic approach enables him to create individualized programs, specifically tailored to your particular needs, integrating into your Ayurvedic Consultation, Nutritional and Life Style Counseling, Herbal Nutrition, Ayurvedic Therapies, Therapeutic Kerala Special Kalari Massages, depending on your specific situation and goals. He is clinically trained to offer full Panchakarma programs and Panchakarma Therapies, and personally guide and supervise your process throughout your Treatments.

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He has Achieved Success in treating The Spine and its Ailments without surgery for over 36000 patients till to date without any recurrence & complication. He is not only a master in treating the spine but also in Treating the following Chronic, Uncurable and Debilitating ailments using Ayurveda & Panchakarma principles & procedures through Research.

He has reinvented the concept of MERU CHIKITSA- Ancient Ayurvedic Spinal and Neuro Therapy and has been practicing it for the betterment of the society thus treating spinal disorders from the gross root level. It further enables patients to return to more active Life Styles.

Dr Kranthi R Vardhan is a registered doctor in a website on Ayurveda, where doctors are on a platform discussing varied cases and experiences – He is voted as the No. 1 doctor among 2600 odd doctors for giving genuine, best and appropriate answers in all the discussions; voting is done by all the fellow doctors and the patients (43000) registered on the site.

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He is already established and well known in Hyderabad & India and offering and helping people with all sorts of medical or health problems successfully. He has put his vast knowledge to offer solutions to modern health problems effectively. He asserts that he will continue to perceive Ayurveda throughout his life.

Paralysis massage

Author: parry p
A) Characteristic sign and symptoms in paralysis:

1. Patient may present as monoplegia (only one limb affected), hemiplegia (one half of body affected with or without involvement of face), paraplegia (both lower limbs affected), or with facial paralysis in which one side of face is affected.
2. General signs include stiffness, loss of all movements of affected limb, loss of individual muscle tone and function, muscle wasting etc. Patient may be unable to walk on his own, may not be able to speak properly and clearly, or experience loss of grip etc.
3. Commonest cause of it is hypertension. Malignant rise in blood pressure leads to hemorrhage in brain and resultant blood clot may press upon nerve fibers causing paralysis of concerned muscles or group of muscles supplied by that nerve. Other causes like multiple infarcts, embolism etc may also lead to paralysis.
4. Slowly the patient recovers from acute stage with partly regaining of some of lost functions like able to speak more clearly, slightly more powerful grip etc. If attack is very mild in nature complete recovery within few days with or without medication is possible.
5. CT scan or MRI brain is the choice of investigation and is helpful to rule out causes like hemorrhage, thrombosis, embolism etc.
6. Though massage is helpful in paralytic patient, if patient presents in acute stage with signs like very shiny skin without application of oil, heaviness in body with more heaviness in affected limb, very cold affected limb, overall signs of indigestion etc then massage is contraindicated.

B) Aim of massage:

1. The disease is difficult to treat and recovery being very slow, main aim of massage is to increase overall body strength as it will provide nourishment to muscles, ligaments etc through increased blood circulation..
2. The unctuous and hot nature of oil will also aim to reduce dryness of stiff muscles, making it soft help to reduce muscle tension and regain its tone.
3. Due to nourishment provided by massage, recovery of lost movements of body and functions might be aimed faster.

C) Process of massage:

1. Body area to be massaged: Usually full body massage is advisable as proper massage will not only provide nourishment to affected body part but will also reduce stress and strain over unaffected part which bears more workload.
2. Direction of massage movements: a. From above down wards especially over limbs and back. b. Individual muscles that are very rigid due to dryness should be massaged with use of fingers giving more pressure, vibrations over it to help more absorption of oil and reduce stress. c. In chronic cases, more friction should be used. d. If CT scan/MRI report shows blood clot in a area in brain, more oil should be used over same part of head and slightly more pressure or friction could be applied over it to help absorption of oil and reduce clot.
3. Useful massage tips: a. Usually in a paralytic patient, massage over limbs in a direction from below upwards should be avoided b. More oil should be massaged in and around navel as well as below navel up to toes in lower limbs in all paralytic patients. c. Oil should be sufficiently warm at the time of massage. d. More quantity of oil as well as more warm oil should be massaged over stiff or rigid muscles in chronic cases. e. Use of thumb over individual muscle or ligaments with pressure and friction is useful. Disease being difficult to treat, regular massage for longer duration like 3-6months or more should be given. Also massage over affected part for longer periods is advisable as compared to other body parts. Daily oil massage will not only act as therapeutic tool and help in faster recovery but will also prevent further attacks.

D) Use of different oils for massage:

1. Oil used for massage should be hot in nature and should be preferably prepared by addition of herbal drugs as per advice of expert physician.
2. Use of herbal drugs like asparagus racemosus, Sida cordifolia etc should be used with sesame oil as base during preparation of medicinal oil as these drugs provide overall nourishment to body especially to body parts like muscles, ligaments etc commonly affected in paralysi
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paralysis massage


Author: dr m chandrashekhar
Paralysis is complete loss or impairment of the ability to use voluntary muscles, usually as the result of a disorder of the nervous system. There may be general paralysis, involvement of only one side (hemiplegia), paralysis on both sides at one level (paraplegia or quadriplegia), or localized paralysis in a small group of nerves or muscles.

The underlying pathology may be different such as Cerebro-Vascular Accidents (CVA), neoplasms, infections, etc. but paralysis will be a common symptom.  The degree and extent of neurological deficit depend upon the location and extension of damage to the brain cells. In certain cases along with motor deficits, disturbance of speech (aphasia or dysarthria) and loss of higher functions are also observed.
The distribution of paralysis offers important clues to the site of nerve damage.

Hemiplegia is almost always caused by brain damage on the side opposite the paralysis, often from a stroke. Paraplegia occurs after injury to the lower spinal cord, and quadriplegia occurs after damage to the upper spinal cord at the level of the shoulders or higher (the nerves controlling the arms leave the spine at that level). Diplegia usually indicates brain damage, most often from cerebral palsy. Monoplegia may be caused by isolated damage to either the central or the peripheral nervous system. Weakness or paralysis that occurs only in the arms and legs may indicate demyelinating disease.

Fluctuating symptoms in different parts of the body may be caused by multiple sclerosis. Sudden paralysis is most often caused by injury or stroke. Spreading paralysis may indicate degenerative disease, inflammatory disease such as Guillain-Barré syndrome or CIDP, metabolic disorders, or inherited demyelinating disease.
The disease has been discussed in Ayurveda under Vatavyadhi disorder.  The terms Paksaghata, Paksha Vadha and Ekanga Vata have been used to describe hemiplegia in Ayurveda. Ayurveda has mentioned facial paralysis as a separate disease entity called 'Ardita'.

Paralysis can be cured through various treatment methodologies. Ayurvedic treatment has proved to be one of the effective cures for paralysis.

Ayurveda offers excellent therapies for treating Paralysis. The strength of Ayurveda in the area of treating Paralysis is globally appreciated. Since it addresses the root cause of the issue the results are fantastic.
The therapies like Abhyanga swedam, Nasyam, Snehaanam, Virechanam, Shiro vasti, Pizhichil, Navarakizhi, Vasti etc. are done as per the necessity and condition for about 3 – 4 weeks.
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What is the treatment for Paralysis?

Author: Dr. Mital John
The chain of nerve cells that runs from the brain from side to side the spinal cord out to the muscle is called the motor pathway. Normal muscle function requires intact connections all along this motor pathway. Damage at any point reduces the brain\'s ability to control the muscle\'s movements. This reduced efficiency causes weakness, also called paresis. Complete loss of message prevents any willed movement at all.

This lack of control is called paralysis. Certain inherited abnormality in muscle cause periodic paralysis, in which the weakness comes and goes. Paralysis may affect an individual muscle, but it usually affects an entire body region. The sharing of weakness is an important clue to the location of the nerve injure that is causing the paralysis.

There are many potential causes of paralysis: The two most common causes of paralysis are stroke and trauma, chiefly to the nervous system or the brain or to the nerves that have an effect on muscles. Certain diseases such as poliomyelitis, peroneal dystrophy, spina bifida, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Bell\'s palsy, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and multiple sclerosis may also cause paralysis to occur. Botulism, paralytic shellfish poisoning, and certain types of poisons, chiefly those that directly affect the nervous system, may also lead to paralysis.

Signs & Symptoms of Paralysis: -
The signs and symptoms of paralysis generally depend upon what caused the paralysis, as well as which part of the body is affected. Loss of group and feeling can be sudden and instant, such as with trauma or stroke, or it can begin with muscle flaw and gradually progress. Some of the indirect effects of paralysis include:

•    Changes to muscles, joints, and bones.
•    Spasticity of the limbs.
•    Muscle spasms.
•    Pressure sores.
•    Edema.
•    Blood clots in the lower limbs.
•    Bacterial infection.
•    Constipation.
•    Sexual difficulties.
•    Abnormal sweating.
•    Balance problems.

Natural Treatment for Paralysis: -
•    Akasbel leaves should be cooked in steam (they should be placed over a vessel filled with water and placed over a fire) and the hot vapours applied to the affected parts of the body. The cooked leaves may be crushed and used as a poultice over the paralysed limbs.
•    Mix up 50 ml Mashabaladi Quath, 50 mg asafoetida and 500 mg of Rock salt and shake well and store in a bottle having a dropper. It should be used as nasal drops – for the purpose of being inserted in the opposite nostril to the affected side. For instance if paralysis has affected right side, use drops in the left nostril and so on.
•    Daily drink the decoction (kasaya) prepared out of Adathoda (Adusogae) leaves for about 1-2 months. This will help to cure paralysis, rheumatism and other pains in joints.
•    One gram of the root of the Rough-Chaff Tree (Chirchita) and one grain of Pepper should be ground together in 10 grams of milk and used as nose drops.
•    Regularly eat the cooked meat, blood, heart and liver of green pigeons or doves found in the forests; and daily massage the body and the limbs with medicated oils such as Narayana thaila or Mahanarayana thaila which can be purchased from Ayurvedic shops.
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